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tamaeya the saiyan – curse lyrics


smoking on gas is how i maintain
most of these rappers the same and they boring i’m soaring i’m fly like a duck aflack
finessing n+ggas all up on they cashapp
i keep the pack in the back of my backpack
smoking on zaza i gotta mass that
not gonna cap i really love zaza
you talking rara pull up go fafa
k!lling these n+ggas i feel like obama
i got the power i feel like yo mama
ok you stay sending shots i ain’t talking bout weapon i’m talking bout dissing
you stay with the dissing cause you really low on yo listens
i’m p+ssing all over you n+ggas
ok i’m spitting these verses while uplifting curses
rehearsing my verses these curses they leave with thе smoke that i’m massing i’m really just gassing laughing i turn to a geek i feel like a frеak i really love gassing until i’m at ease