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tank – bishop cognac (skit) lyrics


amen amen (amen)
now we will have some words from bishop uhm
bishop cognac cognac
take your time take your time (amen)
amen bishop bishop cognac in the building
a big thank you for all the thank you
son you can turn it off thank you
thank you thank you, you can turn it
you can turn it off (stop talking)
ah bishop cognac thank you all for giving me this time
to say a few words about my friend kenny
you know his going home service
he is going on home (amen)
and to be with the lord i think
now i guess they all figured it out
ahm but i just want to say one thing
before i get into it i just want to take a sip of my drink
(now here that n-gg- go again, that d-ck going to drop
off right there, what is that )
let’s just get into it kenny was a real n-gg-
i mean just the realest n-gg- you wanna meet
you know when kenny robbed that liqour store up the street
the cops come by and said kenny who robbed that
liquor store and kenny did what all real n-gg-s do
i mean he did it he hold on them n-gg-s he snitched on them
he told them where the money was
he gave up social security numbers and
amd addresses i mean that was just the kinda
real n-gg- he was
and you can also tell by the room
ah was a man of love
you know kenny laid more wood than the pencil factory
you ain’t judging by his wife
and his seven other hoes that are here
you all look so lovely today
hold that thought right there
let me take a sip of my drink
(he drinking again )
let’s get up here and take off all of your clothes
ah listen i was the one who wanted to put this on you
not right now but kenny owed me 275 dollars
from a card game that we payed behind the church the other day
so you know before he goes home
i love for somebody to run me my 275
before i go home
ah also ah i am having another service up the street about nine o’clock
at titties going up so you can come on by we got fried shrimp
ah french fries for bishop 2.99 and at 9:00 the titties will be going up
alright bishop cognac in the building