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tech g – glory lyrics


oh glory ..haha king kailamof, 19th coming ard. 1 2 check its tech g..

rollin so hard you think you see blue crew’
stay so quite secret societies give clues
ain’t you tired of seeing internet k!llings
sh+t seeping through your feelings
now you walk around with a cold chill
quick to talk about chill feel you about it suck’a get real
you break bone split flesh
dam near pass out that’s the rest
you a pest in my lane
best believe i drive fast in my rain
look nothing here to stop me till i look in the mirror
nothing here to clock me its all planed clearer
..what is glory to you ? sure you want it might not be compatible to you lil boys likе to front ..’oh i ain’t got no fear’ do you even know what fеar really is not to have it
i see a lot m+th+f+cka’s run around
‘oh i’m a adult now’
ump! commit suicide cause its too hectic now
they have lied screw you over told you it was everything but you just in it for the freedom to do anything
there’s a price with that it can cost everything
..f+ck your slang
n+gga talk straight, they got you in check don’t let them cash you ..don’t show to much freedom or the cops will catch you..
i’m speaking from a present time in your future your presence is time to prepare for the future oh glory
seclusion so small in a sp+ce so big in a world so large
in a mind so rigged
so glory, glory is the sh+t, sh+t+ness is this greatness so f+ck it
[course 2x]
and once your purpose is done it depends on your energy dose it want to stick around la de de da de or will it die+die+die what was thus really for glory glory oh glory glory