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tech n9ne – in the air lyrics


“in the air”
(feat. craig smith, nesto the owner)

[tech n9ne]
sickology 101 futuristic b-boyz sh-t
your first lesson given to you by:
mr. smith
[tech n9ne]
kc mo stand up
young n-gg-z representin

ask me what i wanna be when i grow up
i aint jus gonna blow up
im a star i got astronomers tryina get a close up
telescopes and cameras
rappers wanna use blammers
but im gleamin from the planets homie
mine is called kansas city
the cloud in my pocket gotta rain on em
such a star i saw heavens walls and wrote my name on em
so comfortable at the top i hopped on a plane and claimed everest
you might as well say the boy is himalayan
i rent my rooms on the moon mr smith is comin soon
the angels feedin me cereal with a silver spoon
my hair line is craig smith airlines
the ride from kansas city to la is as long as a fan line
im high as ’08 gas prices
my votes are twice as high as obamas & i aint gotta ask nice
im high as techs tour bus
the light skinned one so if you’re lookin for me dog look up and try to find the sun

im in the air
high in the air
im in the air
high in the air

don mean to brag but i froze my peace
and im gettin higher then the nose bleed seat
dont bring it to my session if your hoe sees me
she’ll drop dead in the studio like odb
its the owner and im verry cool
plus this weed keep me higher than an air baloon
copy cat
like what im wearing dude
im so fly i walk aroudn wit a parachute
and even rappers lie too
but im the only human with an astronaut suit
see yo entire verse?
say that youre high its worse?
when you only shootin the air like a fireworks (p-ssy)
if suckas still on that hatin sh-t
i stuff em in a bag like potatoe chips
or bend they -ss up like a paper clip
tech sign me and see how quick ya paper flip


[tech n9ne]
(i aint gotta intoduce myself yall know what-tizz)

why call me underground when i rock the stars
and even they cant see me wit a pair of binoculars
my hip hop and ?? get side swiped to mars
1/3 in extinction hit which left the lime light ajar
you want your scripts to fly
not in my solar system cause i dismiss em like they wish to die
mack mother nature and i rip the why
civillian ladies love me so bro excuse her while she kiss the sky
call me masta more exalted then a priest or pastor
blasphemy have me blast facts fast with magma
in the air like dancer and dasher
high in the sky up above mountains off in alaska
higher then a million heroin hits that fit to last ya
super celestial when everyone stuck off in the pasture
the whack i will cast ya down below those who get caught up in my rapture
dont be callin me dog cause i want cha to say it backwards

[chorus x3]

[tech n9ne]
cha cha cha cha
your first lesson for today man
that was it
sickology 101
yall no what i mean
craig smith
tech nina n-gg-
in the air m-th-f-cka
sound like a bird flying around
witch masta on the track
we out this biiitch