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tedashii – no more lyrics


(feat. lecrae)

yi-ah. i ain’t a slave to you no more sin.
yi-ah. let’s get it. there’s some things i ain’t gonna take no more.
t-dot! let’s get it.

[verse 1:]
no more hang time or playin time,
man it’s ’bout to be gang time,
hate you sin, you quench the spirit,
done em both at the same time.

first you holla ’round with us,
now my flesh starts risin up.
this why 1st corinthians was talking ’bout all that dyin stuff.

sick of heartache, sick of pain,
sick of you, i gotta quit this man,
but me and myself can do nothin without the spirit man

eyes having seen this, having heard in things revealed, by the spirit dwellin withing me through which i’m sealed.

i no longer belong to you,
i’m not holdin on to you,
i fight with all his might through every night that i long for you.

i wrote this here song for you,
my hatred is strong for you,
my love for god is greater than the l-st that i offer you.

cause everything’s wrong with you,
the world wanna roll with you
‘stead of you slaving me the holy spirit’s controllin you.

and this here i know is true,
the scriptures are showin you,
since i belong to christ i ain’t gonna take this no more from you!

we not gonna take it no more
we not gonna take it no more
we not gonna take it no more
we not gonna take it no more

we not gonna take it no more
we not gonna take it no more
we not gonna take it no more
we not gonna take it no more

[verse 2:]
y’all, i remember thirsting for god,
walking that sweet communion,
on and on my soul was longing for us to live this union.

wanting nothing else in life except to just be with him,
felt like nothing in this world could ever compete with him.

but i’m in college now, tryin to walk this out,
but it’s harder now, can i talk to y’all?

i got caught in this mess, learning to walk in the flesh, and now i thirst for him less, watchin her walkin in dress.

i saw the cross and how it took me from the worldly things, and how he told me to count loss the dress and hurt me things.

i know i wanna sin, but dog i’m born again,
and by grace he displaced my disgrace now it’s on again.

so i’m gonna buffet my body make it my slave man,
crucify my flesh daily till i see my grave man.

so i’m gonna fight and your games, i won’t play them no more. to the world: listen up, we fed up, we won’t take this no more!


yi-ah. you know what it is man, we free now!
we were once slaves to sin, but now we free to live in righteousness.
we ain’t a slave to sin no more man. yeah. yeah.

we ain’t no slave to sin!
we ain’t no slave to sin!
we not gonna take it no more, because we born again! [x4]