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teejayx6 – tired of trolling lyrics


[intro: producer tag]
rj always trippin man, rj always trippin man

[verse: teejayx6 & ]
how the f+ck i run up 200k off unemployment

i think i see the jackboys right here so my pistol loaded

did too much fraud in that b+tch the account is frozen

hit my cousin with a right jab now his eye is swolen

im finna go blow 100k im getting tired of stacking

they gon find his body in the river so lets bodybag it

and i made a free 12 racks off a payday loan

shoot a p+ssy n++++ then wave his ass goodbye

this n++++ smoking backyard boogie but this turtle pie

he keep leavin funny ass comments so he bout to die

what the f+ck it that??

shot 100 rounds through his crib he got whiplash

i should shoot up the roller coaster and k!ll his ass!!!

walk around with dogsh+t on me thats a sh+t stain

ran off on a college student he got good grades

he called his phone carried to get an extension
i don’t wanna f+ck with that b+tch she got bad intentions
tryna rob me that’s not a good decision!!

she got bad weave how the f+ck can i see her part
caught one of my opps at coney island he was sittin there parked

i’m too stressed out im bout to k!ll myself in the dark (the f+ck!!!)