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tek lintowe – shell ⌠thennuest⌡ lyrics


[verse 1: tek lintowe]
three birds ricky laker and tek
i’ve been feeling foreign to my soul like a new tee
but if i can’t make ones love me, you cannot feel me
i don’t know how to know how to not know if she’s chique
i’ma turn the other cheek just like i did in cc
rushin’ on my couch, fake designer, good, it’s not gg
gotta go, but no, you cannot see me
up above and touch the star with my feet, feet
feel it out and touch my hand with my forehead
spin it down, what’s it mean?
oh, well
my legs all bought with sesame, oh, well
farewell, i bode you, i wish you well
well, well, well, well, well
smoked myself until i’m back in my sh+ll
sailing day out, i like that smell
i didn’t say a word, you like that, oh wow

[refrain: ricky chix]
breaking out my sh+ll (breaking out my sh+ll)
take me off the shelf (take me off the shelf)
nothing ever helps (nothing ever helps)
nothing ever helps (nothing ever helps)
being somewhere else
holdin’ something else
bein’ someone new
bein’ someone new
[verse 2: laker]
i don’t wanna talk about me
i don’t wanna talk about me
i don’t wanna put it all on me
i just need sp+ce ’cause i can’t breathe
i don’t wanna show you a better side of me
i don’t even think i said that though
’bout to waste it all just for a couple wins
i think you took it the wrong way
i think you made a mistake
i think i took it a long time
and made it that way
happened that way
ah, ah

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