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thakidd – this gang lyrics


my gang go up on the map
rappin just like i’m pap (pbg)
you don’t know me
you don’t see me
but you see me
you don’t feel me
but you feel me
i love her can’t date her
aye raz that’s my girl
and i will date her
talkin that sh-t you tryna hate her
step up to me face look like vader
kiddlife i’m the mayor
stepping on me and you tweaking kiddlife
on the beakin
you stay sleepin
sleepin on me
i’m on get you
hold up hold up
grew up in the ville
my n-gg-s ain’t paid they just k!ll
kiddlife i’m gon shoot you
my hand go right through you
flash in my pocket river on my wrist
and the lake on my father
i love my father
i’m dating yo daughter
i don’t give a d-mn if you think
i need stop rapping
kiddlife i am trappin
like “oh my god they k!lled kenny”
no n-gg- i k!lled kenny
so does that make me a b-st-rd
nawfside n-gg- with a southside
aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye hol up
lil boat lil boat
nba youngboy
young n-gg-
rich n-gg-
i’m a bad b-tch getter
f-ck n-gg-
hoe n-gg-
i don’t f-ck with broke n-gg-s