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thanksgiving – look at yourself lyrics


i’ll look you across yourself
this body looks so solemn
what again was it you thought
that made you different from them?
was it the ghost you placed
a face you made?
to sweep you away
only the cloud of dust
i get lost in the dark gray streets
dying only in loathing
while door to door the horse swims
like mountains and the moons [?]
like swans will look away from you
like rivers from the ocean

the shield was kept around the stake
i held in this god awful place
and so i grew and so did you
until we knew we were all through
but this moon i kept the way do [?]
your eyes until you closed them
and then they are full and you see through
all the times they were open
and more and more my story moves
like rivers from the ocean
like swans will look away from you
to what is where we’ll hold them