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thaoza – g.o.d (grinding.over.debt) feat. hope lyrics


chorus (thaoza)

stay grinding
stay shinning
galore (woah)

we grinding
we shining
galore (woah)

had to do it on my own
flight mode on the phone
loyalty overdose
g.o.d that’s the code

stay grinding
stay shinning
galore (woah)

we grinding
we shining
galore (woah)
had to do it on our own
flight mode on the phone
loyalty overdose
g.o.d that’s the code

verse 1 (thaoza)
offering haters for bait like fish come and collect (come and collect)
started from the bottom with winners and i ain’t feeling no stress (nahh)
i came well connected (yea)
dodging bullets like im all in the matrix
send me to heaven i u+turn an angel
just to show u resilience in my nature

your girl in my dms, she knows i finesse
i hit it i hit it we both left a mess
i don’t say a word move in silence like chess
nonetheless i was all in my feels
she reply ” you know im the best”
voice trebles man i humble the bass
a marathon when its always the case
a marathon when it’s always the case

ambition is priceless
royalty free
do what you love
and sow what you reap
always repeat
always repeat
bona apetite
this is the dream the motto
the is my goto
quantum leaps when i postal
on your cell and im global

life is a test and i figured it out
n+ggas are shady chasing the clout
i step in a scene its different amount
doing too much man i can’t even count

list goes on its gaining the height
standing tall my head in the clouds
hoping i fall? you’re starting a fight
dead! corpse covered in shrouds

verse 2 (hope)
whippin and mixing the gritz
whippin and mixing the hits
one they claiming to diss
business and family don’t mix
slip n dip in your chick
feeling equipped
she l!cking her lips
she choosing n sh+t
she liking the drip
she feeling the kid
me n my n+ggas we making a shift
snapping and taking a pic
snapping and taking a fl!ck
can’t stop me n+ggas plotting man i caught a body flow hot
you gonna need to go to h+ll to copy
no days off gotta get payso
n+ggas hate though
everybody wana know we stay low
we been in the bando whippin tapes though
hard to get rid of me n+ggas ain’t feeling me
climbing the ladders agility
got the ability n+ggas sick of me literally
bars go infinity silly me on my own time making salary
my n+gga we shifting the culture
my n+gga we p+ssing off the vultures
we dissing the corporates
making money for or daughters
on the field like them soldiers
ima make it like i told yeah
sun rays give me energy like im part of the solar ,yea yea yea uh
chorus [outro](thaoza)
stay grinding , ignited galore
we grinding,we shining, united galore
had to do it on my own
loyalty overdose, g.o.d that’s the code
stay grinding , stay shinning
we grinding we shining
had to do it on our own
loyalty overdose, g.o.d that’s the code