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the airplane boys – her fault lyrics


[hook: beck motley]
i’m alone inside the dark
couldn’t face it anymore
so i’m bracing for your fall
it’s your fault
i never felt that i owe you nothing
you never gave me anything at all
a stone cold lover, i wasn’t, i wasn’t
it’s your fault, fault, fault

shoot me when i fall, she a f-cking fighter jet
tell me it’s my fault, heart beat knocking in my chest
writing’s on the wall, conversation is a mess
’cause you can hate me more, but you’ll never love me less, less, what
tell me what it is when i taste those lips
poisonous sh-t with your black lipstick
hard to admit when you’re so far from it
trapped in a world where there’s no exit, sh-t
you a little cuckoo, got me in some voodoo, never really fell through b-tch
hope you go to h-ll soon, that would be the best news, wish i never met you, b-tch


[verse 2: bon voyage]
where you come from, girl?
can you take me there?
where that planet at?
we should disappear like poof, wala
just lose, a lot of that baggage behind you and your friends too
’cause all that talking they gone do
gone f-ck up my entire mood, soon
ain’t trying to be be rude
trying to be real, trying to give you that (ah!)
that -ss too fat, got to give her that room
k!lling b-tches off, she a one girl crew
coming over, knowing the deal is
three steps easy, ’til we get the feeling
f-cking all night ’til we break through ceilings
sweat drip burn ’til the paint start peeling