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the anal cysts – napoleon complex lyrics


[verse 1]
i’ve got a premonition
and i won’t be seeing women
there’s just a petty little factor
but it’s a big turnoff
i’m not a magician
and it wasn’t my decision
but i just get backhanded
the most i get is a scoff

why are you so angry all the time?
i haven’t got the right
brighten up, i just might
if it weren’t for my height

[verse 2]
i’ve got a condition
i’m as grim as a mortician
it’s a stupid little factor
but it don’t make the birdies sing
i need some recognition
’cause it’s flaming my ignition
it may not be a third-world country
but it’s the next worst thing


if you want it
reach for it
that’d be easier if i was tall