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the birthday massacre – to die for lyrics


“to die for”

tighten your tie, boy
you’re something to die for
but don’t hold your breath now
you’re just killing time
tonight you can dream, boy
imagine a whisper
if you can keep secrets
then i’ll tell you mine

remember a promise you couldn’t hold on to
though it brings me to tears now
i need you to know
look in my eyes, boy
nothing like yours now
it seems that a lifetime
is p-ssing us by

so open your eyes…

this is forever but it won’t last long
this is a memory that fades away in neverending
in the death of all
that’s long been said and done before
we’ll wish that we were something more

stop wasting time, boy
you’re late all your life, boy
they won’t have the patience
for someone like you
your memory’s fading
i’ll love you forever
i’ll try to remember
i’ll try to hold on

you’re standing alone, boy
waiting for dreams, boy
waiting for something
to make them come true
don’t ever leave, boy
i’d miss you too much, boy
i’ll never forget you
as long as i’m here