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the brothers gillespie – the ballad of peter abernathy lyrics


[verse 1]
if jesus could heal and turn water into wine
maybe he could take this ol’ bl–dy nose of mine
and make something halfway decent for me to drink
maybe make something halfway decent out of me

the silver chord is tied in a noose
it’s a civil war between me, myself, and you
i’m being executed for a crime i didn’t do

[verse 2]
have you ever told a lie to protect someone from the truth?
sometimes the bad guys are just the ones taking money at the booth
i’ll try whatever pill or flower seems to soothe
just don’t put it on my tongue and walk away with my golden tooth

there’s a swim-up bar in a pool
and an open tab under some unlucky fool
i’m paying the price for a life i didn’t choose

[verse 3]
one day the monster will get out of the maze
and turn the good ones into house pets and the bad ones into slaves
if you want this burden there is one thing you should know
if we didn’t have a purpose, we’d have died out a long time ago