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the clipse – the funeral lyrics


wheter they gag me bound me hollow point round me (i feel ya)
dump me off the side of a bridge and drown me (uh huh)
spare my family the details on how they found me (yes)
vigil by candle light and gather round me (farewell)
and talk about how i would lounge with fly women
how i was flossing in clubs in fine linen (preach on)
hopping in them ill whips with chrome spinning
malice was true to the game for 9 innings (ha ha ha)
we love sinning but now i answer for that
apologize to my fam i got you all dressing in black (i hear ya)
a long line family and friends they signing in
my niece singing solo organs and violins (yea)
wife in her black veil hands flooded with diamonds (ha ha ha)
remaining calm under each arms my children
daddys in a better place entering golden doors (talk to me)
with ivory all white pillars and marble floors (yow)
brand new physical frame with no flaws
on my throne thats guarded by angels with 4-4’s (yea)
terror retaliate show em how real it be
a split second ‘fore you blazed they probably thought you was me (preach on)
returning on some crow sh-t let em know sh-t
they mess with the wrong click quick to blow sh-t (yea)
yall know who owned this so they end my career
but still i put my tag on this earth malice was here (i feel ya)

[chorus 2x’s]
take a walk on my side
no more tears no more fears no more telling me lies
i only want cheers and heartfelt goodbyes
my death march is here tell me whos gonna ride
(ride with me ride with me ride) {overlapped by last line}

hold me high gucci suit and tie (yea)
let my casket reach the sky tell my girl dont cry (i fell ya)
just sing me a lullabye and let the white doves fly (uh huh)
cuz i heard from a bird its only sleep when you die (thats wrong)
break me in unison outside right thru the lens
my mother cried cuz she knew that i was only true to sin (yow)
celebrate my p-ssing with gun shots and systems blasting (uh huh)
blown up posters of terror held by children laughing (preach on)
no matter how foul my burial open casket
now simply so they can see my cl-sters and my diamonds smiling (h-llo)
im sorry i failed only cuz the ones i left were so real (uh huh)
for me my doggs will lie, die, shoot, cry, or kill (feel me)
first to malice sorry that i left you half in a hole
but now you’ll write for both of us ill channel thoughts thru your soul (uh huh)
emmanuelle remember this when you see my nemesis
drop my picture on his chest and make his family reminisce (yow)
revenge so sweet and i crush you with the heat (uh huh)
your the first one i call when its time to put em to sleep (i love you)
now fo real grand dragon h-rns stabbing the skys (uh huh)
turn mag’ em laser tag em couldnt sever all ties (yea)
my final request on the day im layed to rest
take my body to the ocean and have a water front ves’ (feel me)
this will be my burial this eulogy will be in stereo
blue angels will draw my face during an aerial (ahh)

[chorus 4x’s]

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