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the color bars – she disarmed me lyrics


[verse 1]
the girl from the ministry of love is a spy
it’s the chip in my brain that she’s after

the clock on the stove doesn’t tick anymore
and the weather’s been sh-tty for three weeks

there’s a tap on my phone
a camera hangin’ from the ceiling
i can hear her in the dead of the night
she’s snoopin’ ’round my quarters

quiet down
quiet down now

her microphone hears every
little sound

you know
the mission depends on it

[verse 2]
nuclear phalluses all lined up and ready
and the people couldn’t be more excited
down in the stockpile biding her time
she’s as calm as a summer’s gentle breeze

c’mon, lady
take a load off your man
the wait is more than i can handle
i’m trying while you’re still in bed
in velveteen repose

gotta hunch
got an inkling

she’s looking through my window
everything’s aglow

her nightvision goggles
see all

[verse 3]
if i had my pocketknife
i could make it out alive
i’m forever tied up in electric wires

if i had my pistol back
i’d stage a surprise attack
but she disarmed me long ago

i’m forever tied up in electric wire (x3)