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the cool greenhouse – yolh lyrics


[verse 1]
why do you feel so fine?
you got a poison headache and the cat’s being sick all the time
but you’re doing okay
you know you haven’t had a nap for most of the day
and you think, ‘man, you really have the stupidest thoughts’
there’s no point in dealing with those [?] anymore
just don’t remember the things you’re meant to forget, like
the infinite complexity of that bowl of crisps
and the mind darts in strange directions, and thinks:
“isn’t it nuts? where’s the reset b+tton?
better pull the plug, it feels like it’s crashing”
and thе day’s just a bunch of things that could happen
[verse 2]
until you punctuate the yеars of boiled sweets
lie on your lawn, and try to sink into it
convene with nature, sure, just don’t get too schizophrenic
flop out the door, but act natural when you’re out
and you know that feeling when the light hasn’t found you yet?
well, it’s probably just because you’ve forgotten how to m+st+rbate
need a haircut, and a terrible fear of the washing up
talk to the carpet, sure, just remember to get back on top

and nothing is good
and nothing is bad
and nothing is good
and you only live half
you only live half