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the eyes of a traitor – echoes lyrics


the ashes of an angel’s wings
blown across your pathway
were tied down to the path of others
face yourself in the mirror

now’s the time left in eternity
you’ll pay your dues on judgement day
to mutineers’ with heads held high
on gl-sses raised wakes of life

wait for the end, x2
here it matters when you’re alone
when you’re alone, x2
when you’re alone, x2
here it matters when you’re alone

echoes of memories always return and
to those who believe in the ???
now we await that day
walk the line when you’ve got one chance to stay alive
weak prevail this time we’re gods it’s clear, we’re gods

no f-cking memories of the battle
a thousand lights
will this ever change now?
burn out, these weeks end dead

we have the time!
the time