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the former fat boys – call me back (everybody plays the fool) lyrics


da da da, come on…
hi this is jessica, i can’t get to my phone right now, leave a message and i’ll call you back
um, hi jessica
how you doing?
this is ben
just wanted to call up you again
to ask you um why you hadn’t called me back?
and why since we’ve been dating we ain’t done jack?
why we haven’t had one real date you ain’t cancelled out on
what, just to flake?
i thought that someone as stupid as you
with more b–bs than iq
could figure out who would care for you
but there’s other dudes for you to screw
and to cling to
can’t believe i ever crushed on you
f-ck you!

everybody plays the fool, sometime (so much to ask)
there’s no exception to the rule, listen baby (just call me back)
it may be factual it may be cruel (how hard is that)
everybody plays the fool (just call me back)

hey tiffany remember me i took you out to dinner it’s ben
you planning on calling me back… when?
i thought you said this weekend we were going to have a real date
got a phone call saying you were out at a lake
at a cub’s game with what’s his name
you told me last night that d-ck was lame

um, hello, michelle, i’m just calling you back it’s ben
could you uh explain this to me again?
you can’t go out with me ’cause your best friend likes me?
can we just be friends? yeah, not likely

hello and welcome to moviefone
uh, hey laura it’s ben i guess you’re still not home
to see a listing of current movie titles press one
i can take a hint, i’ll call you back later hun

hello, uh, stephanie it’s ben
look, i don’t ever think we should see each other again
um, never, where do i start?
’cause you said, “i’m not ready to give you my whole heart”
i should hope not! after two dates, you crazy
please, don’t call me ever again baby

um, jacky, i just wanted to call you up
to reiterate again we’re definitely still broken up
and answer your question and hopefully get you off my back
yeah, i cheated on you, i f-cked corey in the -ss (eww)
and then i f-cked chris, i guess you’re the fool this time
f-ck you b-tch

hey, scott, dude, what about me kissing you
my eyes were closed i meant to kiss ashley, dude
and i just kissed you on the cheek i hoped that was that
but what the f-ck was with you actually kissing me back?!

hey, jen, i just wanted to call you back and say i had the best time in the world
you changed my mind about what to look for in a girl
what to look for in the world
what to look for and ignore
i want more than just curls

hey britney it’s ben, i just wanted to say that i miss ya
if i ever get a chance again i’m going to kiss ya
but i won’t forget what you did
when you hid
and when you had that girl jessica asked if i liked ya
i really did

leslie, the lis, on the lindsey
i got a whole world of girls making fools out of me
you better believe
hello, males and females
getting in on on the globe
take my advice do as you’re told
if someone rather play ya than lay ya
you know it’s cool
just take my advice and act the fool