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the game – mama knows lyrics


“mama knows”
(feat. nelly furtado)

[verse 1: game]
mama told me stay away from them n-gg-s
mama told me she had a k for them n-gg-s
mama told me she go to pay for them n-gg-s
while my grandmother told me that she would pray for them n-gg-s
they just young black and ignorant
l-sting over models and the benjamins
got the game twisted like (what?) licorice
when i was rocking lottos moving packs in front of mcdonalds
she was looking for me, pulled up in that old el dorado
i was running around with chase, chasing new black wheels
why would i do that still? that’s what got 2pac killed…
but i use that still cause i won’t do that deal
screw the muzzle in potatoes of that new mac mill
what did i learn? nothing
my papa smoking sherm blunts and
beating on my moms like her head was a percussion
tat! tat! my.45 knocking on your window
she said there would be days like this, pharrell, drop the instrumental


[hook: nelly furtado]
i know i must go and i don’t know my way
still don’t know where we all came from

[verse 2: game]
crack a swisher, crack a 5th up
hennessy pouring like niagara falls
used to watch magic, he showed me how to ball
moms working late night, to get a plate right
had some older brothers, all we did was smoke and play-fight
wish i could go back to them days cause streets don’t play right
some n-gg-s hard, other n-gg-s was the kid n play type
didn’t stop me from pretending i was apollo from rocky
working on my dip-game, now n-body wanna box me
pick and choose, stick and move
so many dudes ended up in sleeping bags on late-night news
but not my mama’s song, going around the hood serving customers
she yapping in my ear, but it’s louder than the m-ffler
what i didn’t listen to, i wish i would’ve trusted her
wish i had a shovel, be digging both of my brothers up
like “here hug em ma, one last time”
put a chain on both of them n-gg-s, they get one last shine

[hook: nelly furtado]

[verse 3: game]
put your block down, recognize a king cause it’s my town
word to my mother you can throw up your rock now
got off the beef sh-t cause i ain’t tryna see my mama in all-black
right there, crying over hard facts
now she gotta turn in all her cars and get her house back
never! she carried me for 9 months so she can have whatever
plus she taught me how to shoot berettas, told me that i’d be a king
so rip to coretta, if you don’t understand that
then refer to my letter, while i sprinkle
n-gg-s with platinum, from my last alb-m
got the check, so i signed on the x like malcolm
riding through the hood, you hating n-gg-s like “how come? ”
that n-gg-s game got it, heard he selling talc-m
either way, hey playboy, check it, this is the outcome
you might not like it, but my mama psychic
why you n-gg-s twisted like the top of a sidekick?