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the game – maybach dons lyrics


[intro: game in the studio with ray angry, talking to rick ross]

[verse 1: game]
i used to push keys like alicia
now i push a hard top lambo, with james bond features
put it on d’s like under this b-tch t-shirt
d-boy for real, let my n-ggas eat first
and i was flowing over dr. dre beats first
so quitters can’t say what i’m spitting now is a cheap verse
nas just walked by, n-gga this is ether
i’m going down cl-ssic like that n-gga b.i.g serves
my n-ggas pushing them key’s til’ they see dirt
the spot is the pharmacy and the block is where we work
n-ggas standing on the corner, look at these jerks
the heat starts flashing, make ’em run til’ they feet hurt
i’m a hustler, n-gga do your research
i put a b-tch on the greyhound with a louis v purse
i mean a suitcase
and you n-ggas don’t know sh-t about crack
i’m just tryina’ tie your shoelace

[interlude: game talks]
hahah, yeah man!
i be doing sh-t though, i mean
i’ll rap over trashcans, anything
yeah i don’t give a f-ck about nothing man
i do this sh-t cause i love it
all right man!

[verse 2: rick ross]
walking on water, covered in ice
governor of florida, babyboy nice!
i f-cks pianos, i rape the drums
i kiss the mic, hits make me c-m
bricks make me numb, from the tip of my tounge
babygirl dripping like the clip from my gun
i am the truth, brand new coupe
run the place, take you straight back
to martin luther roots
pistol never fail me, official alex haley
let me chill, cause my vision getting blurry
hailed as a boss, nailed to the cross
rose from the dead, that rolls royce cost
as a matter of fact, no need for all black
i can be in all peach and wet me a curtis jack
i can smell the rat, still count my cheese
count my money, still count my b’s
walking on water, covered in ice
governor of florida, one terms, twice
i f-cks with game, me and blood the same
i became his fam when he threw away the chain

[piano outro: ray angry]