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the generalist – the king of solitude lyrics


someday i will carry my cage
when i fly far away from here
free from everyone and everything
a whisper in the dark for no one to hear
floating down a stream made up of dreams
memories come flooding back to me
a paper house lined with glass trees
in the world that’s lying in front of me

the sun sets as i close my eyes
the stars start to whisper goodnight
and as the moon begins to rise
i’m lost tonight inside your eyes
i know that it might be cliché to say
but that don’t matter to me right now anyway
thе boötes void isn’t only empty sp+ce
i’m lost tonight in your еmbrace
shadows that are deeper than the seas
the man i was is sinking next to me
lost souls that are locked inside glass trees
painted smiles are coloring the leaves
lost in this world that i have grown
falling deeper down the rabbit hole
a light shining by where no one will go
and i don’t think that i’m ever coming home

who are you
i said who are you
i said who are you
i said who are you

i am the ghost in the halls forever searching for my fate
i am a dog chasing cars trying to find my next escape
i am the king of solitude stuck inside my memories
i am the boy who stole the world
yeah, that’s me