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the hoosiers – lovers in my head lyrics


“lovers in my head”

i need a second opinion,
i want you cross-examined.
where there’s a whill, there’s a way,
and there’s a will alright.

i close my eyes and count to ten,
and when i open them again,
i want you to pretend that when
you said no, you didn’t say a word.
cos it’s easier.

we’re lovers in my heart,
we’re lovers in my soul,
i disregard what you said,
so close your eyes and watch the stars glow.

i like the face that is hanging
from your pretty little head,
i like the way that it’s body
lies on my bed.

i’ve not met him but he’s handsome,
i’m sure you’ve made the perfect choice.
i go to tell you i love you,
but i lost my voice and couldn’t say a word.
cos it’s easier.

love flew away,
love flew away from me,
love flew away,
love flew away,