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the janedear girls – lucky you lyrics


“lucky you”

[verse 1]
she don’t like ridin’ on the back of your motor bike
she made you sell it
and she thinks football games are just a waste of time
she’s just jealous

[bridge 1]
traded me in for a barbie doll girl
now you want to come back to the real world

our love didn’t matter
yeah, you had to have her
well, boy you can have her
la la lucky you
you don’t get it
but now you’re stuck with it
you might as well forget it
la la lucky you

[verse 2]
remember last fall when you helped me shoot my first buck
she won’t eat red meat
or when we went camping and we came home covered in mud
she won’t get dirty

[bridge 2]
she can do some damage with your credit card
how’s that addin’ up for ya so far?


[bridge 3]
i was always there for you
nothin’ that i wouldn’t do
’til you broke my heart in two
you say she’s just a drama queen
you wanna come and be with me
you’re beggin’ down on your knees..

[chorus x3]

yeah yeahhh eh eh yeah
yeah yeahhh eh eh yeah
la la lucky you!