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the mr t experience – parasite lyrics


you’re nothing but a parasite th-rn in my side and you’re bugging me every
night you think that i’ll be dumb enough to pick it up just so you can suck my
blood but you’re not gonna get an answer i’ll let it ring you don’t get a free
drink and you don’t get another chance you’re on your own you don’t get to
come back on my next show. yeah you’re a megalomaniac leader of the pack with
a brain like an almanac you try to slap me on the back but you’re out of
practice give me a heart attack and now i’m in intensive care thanks a lot
thou shalt rue what thou hast wrought and you don’t get another chance to get
it right cut you out you parasite so get out you parasite serves you right.
now you’re gonna step into your role wise wonderful nice smile kind to animals
but you’re not fooling anyone it’s overdone swiss family robinson.