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the outfit, tx – private dancer lyrics


cup full of jolly ranchers, my private dancer

[verse 1: mel]
man, we loaded
that lioness, she showed it
love the way that she throw it, got my full attention she know it
sh-t we do don’t get promoted
she keep it all the way funky
keep it all the way grown, i discover them secrets all the way home
in our own world
own zone
one blunt, then them clothes gone
watch her


[verse 2: jayhawk]
red fanta and jolly ranchers
my private dancer
i got a couple problems
and i’m feeling like that you provide the answers
to my stress
keep my mind baffled at best
got me wilding out
while i’m riding out
to this pineapple express
got me sitting off in this room
just these four corners and you
as you say it’s bout to go down
and what you forewarning is true
as i allude to time after time
that you done made it do what it do
and then did something i ain’t even know
i wanted done to me sh-t
moving in slow motion
got me riding this sp-ceship
while i’m sipping on this potion
sniffing on your lotion
fragrance obsession
baby girl my private dancer
i hold sole possession


[bridge: dorian]
they don’t know what that star about
what they know bout that bang bang?
sn-tchin’ hoes in the parkin’ lot
posted up like a campaign
texas n-ggas, we tippin’
texas n-ggas, be sippin’
we 3rd coast, land of the trill
nah texas n-ggas ain’t trippin’
star and bars
slabs and choppers
in a candy thang on sp-cely sprockets
jammin’ chad, jammin’ bun, jammin’ brad, jammin’ screw
already bro. man, what it do?
what else could make a night more complete
then a s-xy lady in lingerie
and a double cup of that easter pink?