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the parselmouths – the parselmouths fun song lyrics


‘f’ is for the ‘ferret version of draco’
‘u’ is for ‘umbridge sucks’
‘n’ is for ‘never trying out for quidditch’
i would just get scared and duck

[kristina and brittany:]
‘f’ is for ‘fiendfyre’, used by crabbe and goyle
‘u’ is for ‘you+know+who’
‘n’ is for ‘no more muggles’
when you’re —

[eia:] kristina! brittany! that is not what fun is all about! sing it with me
[kristina and brittany:] ok …

‘f’ is for ‘fred’, who was the hottest weasley
‘u’ is for ‘um, ok’
‘n’ is for ‘nosebleeds’, used to skip herbology
don’t want to go to class today
don’t want to go to class today