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the rainbow mandrills – perfectly clear lyrics


there’s a problem
and i don’t know what to do
my head cries run
but my heart flows for you
it’s beating, it’s weeping, fleeting between—–
everything and nothing in the life force stream

this quandary
is laying heavy on my brain
i want to step aside
and run to you again—
rolling and tumbling, forevermore
enjoying our journey, until we reach the core
when we find out the essence of each beating heart
and see if the end is yet another start

but baby
baby i will always love you
i’ll love you forever

oh there is a time, for wait and see
but my heart is a window and you see how i feel
i want to call off the mountain in to god’s left ear
scream my hearts pure for you and make it perfectly clear

for me there’s n-body better
when you walked into my life i found
i could be better with my true love around
my heart is like a golden throne
resplendently shining
but colder when alone
i’m me and i will always be me
but me with you shines much more brightly ——–

the quandary is
i love you
the problem is
i’m nowhere near