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the regime – be a lover lyrics


there is no buy that i can sell
i’m giving in to what i feel
oh baby
that’s why you gotta be a..
but if you wanna play the game
you know there’s only love to gain
oh player
that’s why you gotta be a..
now you’re back in the trip
forget about your head man
it’s all in the hips
only love for you
look you’re back in the vibe
i’m looking for the feel baby
not of the mind
only love for you

you gotta be a lover baby
if you wanna feel your worth
living life like a smoothie
do your part for the worth
and though it might come easy
you working harder to please me
always up to something
he’s always on thе run
even when it’s nothin’
keep searching for thе love
that lands upon the one
waiting all this time to make it
make it real with vegan bacon
soul remedy baby
ya so busy you’re lazy
keep it right where you are
because you’re made of the stars

and if the world is on your shoulders
i’ll bring you back down to your feet
and if the end is bitter cold i know that
love will warm your seat
that’s why you gotta be a..


this is the age of revolution
we got nothin’ but gold
hearts of pure platinum
let the stories all unfold
watch the world keep spinning
it’s only beginning