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the weekend classic – mutual interest lyrics


i drove around all night because i couldn’t sit at home
i’m overthinking things you said
and reading too much into what you don’t
i won’t last another winter with this cold lonely apartment
all my friends say i should lighten up
but i’m only getting darker

maybe i’d seem less selfish
with a mutual interest in progress
it seems that when i digress
it lacks a conscience
that keeps you stressed

so i’ll tangle my roots in your flesh and your bone
and make use of all the nutrients and call you my home
and if you feel abandoned when you are alone
darling, please don’t forget
it takes some time and sunlight to grow

people change and i’ll admit i’m not immune
i’ve gotten colder and grown distant
i could say the same for you
i’m losing touch i’ve run out of my luck
i guess i wasn’t good enough
i’ll keep this trapped inside my head
and stapled in my skin

the sun goes down but it will rise again
that natural cycle gives me peace of mind
so i’m not up all night craving the warmth and the light
shinning on my skin something we both miss