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the white stripes – dead leaves and the dirty ground lyrics


“dead leaves and the dirty ground”

dead leaves and the dirty ground
when i know you’re not around
shiny tops and soda pops
when i hear your lips make a sound

thirty notes in the mailbox
will tell you that i’m coming home
and i think i’m gonna stick around
for a while so you’re not alone

if you can hear a piano fall
you can hear me coming down the hall
if i could just hear your pretty voice
i don’t think i need to see at all

soft hair and a velvet tongue
i want to give you what you give to me
and every breath that is in your lungs
is a tiny little gift to me

i didn’t feel so bad till the sun went down
then i come home
no one to wrap my arms around

well any man with a microphone
can tell you what he loves the most
and you know why you love at all
if you’re thinking of the holy ghost

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