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the youngsters – corrupted lyrics


[verse 1:kidd flip]
by the time you hear this song i’ll probably be already dead
cause the way i’m thinking right now is like shoot me in the head
but instead i’m laying in my bed, asking whats to come ahead
asking all these demons if its actually worth living this life
will i ever put this knife down before the cops arrive
everything is corrupt, the innocent get locked up
and i’m still getting f-cked up everything night screaming what is life
trying to find a restart b-tton but theres none in sight
could’ve been a better student man
could’ve been a bit more prudent man
could’ve been with half the women that i met instead of going ham
but shit, everything i’m not made me everything i am
so go ahead and judge me because anyways i agree
it shows i’m unlike you it shows i don’t like you
get the f-ck out of my face because honestly i hate you
i need some time to chill out let me get out of this verse
in the meantime ask yourself if i’m a gift or a curse

[verse 2:kidd flip]
so did you think it threw i’m probably a curse to you
whatever you gotta say keep it in your mouth and chew
until its stupid enough for you to realize i’m a gift to you
stupid mother f-cker do you know who you talking too
do i have to spell it out just so i could get threw you
your all a bunch hypocrites, say it to my face you b-tch
you think that your offending me well now you ain’t a friend to me
and just for the record i don’t pop bottles nah
i don’t drink hard liquor, i don’t drink hard liquor
i got my own remedy i call it my elixir
and it’s happening right now do you get the picture
if yeah just bob your head to the music
if no just let your mind threw music
working on a mixtape while i’m setting up my next tape
why you asking for a 3rd tape i’m already one my 4th tape