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theactualjah – unfoldable lyrics


suck a p+ssy like a nipple eat that p+ssy like a snicker where the f+ck is your n+gga bite it off like a splinter breezing out here like it’s winter f+ck my exes i don’t miss em i think i might have to diss em f+ck your n+gga i don’t like em imma pull a 38 on that n+gga body n+gga tried to rap but his words are so sloppy you will never catch a body i’ll beat your ass up at a party you think you is somebody but you is not anybody spitting bars like i’m a$ap rocky you won’t do a thing ‘cause your internet talky we got beef say that sh+t to my face you is really a disgrace f+ck a 2020 resolution you will comprehend my revolution or my n+gga you’ll be executed your soul will go up like it’s being polluted if you run up my n+gga you stupid and n+ggas be wondering who shot cupid i have dreams that are very lucid i do not think that i am human this is why i make music i do not think that i’m useless but n+gga i can be abusive i’ll make your ass deluded then i’ll become exclusive then i’ll be antisocial no my n+gga i won’t be emotional but i know that i’ll become a unfoldable

thanks i hope you enjoyed!