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themysteriousself – depleading lyrics


[verse 1:]
dont think im around
my way to express with a pen and a sound
my head is a mess i dont know where its now
releave me from stress thats been holding me down
a kid who was led by the foul
intended the risk of removing his crown
i lost it all in the end
but finally i feel that ill find it again
depicting the puzzle and all of the pieces
dont care to compare whose scars are the deepest
its a waste of my time and my energy
cause these scars are just all that is left of me
i would never forget what they meant to me
its been showing the path to my destiny
but the way that im planning my day its not really okay and not helping me mentally
uh let me show you this color of mine
theres things in my mind that i cannot define
adrenaline rushing inside but this weed that i smoke got me feelin’ divine
packing my stuff in my ride im taking a break so i gotta drive
i’m tired of forcing a smile, this sh+t ain’t me, might be out for a while
[verse 2:]
they ask how ive been
i tell em dunno
depending on when and again
i hate to pretend for a friend
like, ill never put this to an end
no energy left but they still wanna lend
this cycle repeats like a trend
take the price of the pain, in my brain to regain all the time that i spend
uh so ill get it down faster
rap for the fame to obtain im the master
not the one causing all the disaster
its the pain from the people that they plaster
like, i get youre in vain
but ain’t n0body tell you that theyre feeling the same
ain’t n0body to blame btw
and how they gonna tell you that your life is a game

[verse 3:]
now im feeling hated, not appreciated n my feelings faded neverless
now im isolated, blood is decotated but i know its all for the best
functionality of my mentality, always putting it to the test
ask anybody if its hard, cause i dont get any f+cking rest
f+ck, i think that im shaking
vision distorted, mentality breaking
and i try to avoid of escaping
i just want this anxiety fading
but that means that ill have to be low and i gotta go slow so i gotta be patient
like i gotta get off at the station
[verse 4:]
i look for complexity
demons they next to me
i better the way that i cope
ain’t got no empathy
admitably best for me
i grow by the end of my rope
dear me, i hope youre surpassing your limits
like a vivid exhibit i’m hoping to see
no excuse so i better believe
better focus on what i wanna be
leave me alone if you dont wanna bleed
wanna suceed better follow my lead
im just simply a different breed
f+ck it, id rather stay broken
pain in my soul ain’t n0body to hold it
and the things that i see leave me open
at the bottom i be where im hoping