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theofficialvibe – wassup lyrics


verse intro:

i been going through your city
but im loosing faith
i been going through some things
that i dint even chase
never been the one to talk about it
or complain
if i decide to tell you bout it then
dont be fake
met alot of people going
state to state to state
and ive decided
hit the gas
i dont want no brakes
i dont think i can ever
really feel the same
cause i fell inlove
with something for a f-ckin change

hook 2x:

so w-ssup w-ssup w-ssup w-ssup
with you you you you you you

verse 2:

but tell me
whats been going on
this world so cold
i learned to
ride along
i seen things
you probably seen
same scenes
you seen
all been a bad dream
that we’ve known
yea we know
experience reminded us
about are soul
we are way to smart
what your thinking
let it go
ain’t no time for bullsh-t
if thats all you really know

hook 4x:
so w-ssup w-ssup w-ssup w-ssup
with you you you you you you you

verse 3:

poppin bottles
litty in the zone
r.i.p to all my n-ggas
that are f-cking gone
yall where way to young
to even know if you was wrong
some of you where right
and still had to f-cking go
i really wonder how im still alive again
i barely understood the things i even did
decisions of a kid i messed up my trip
but i still appreciated
what ive learned off it
cause i still became a rider
& i still learned respect yea
i got it out the mud
& life been a test
everybody lied to me
i never showed my best
can’t you see
i did it on my own
did you forget
oh yea you did
cause your an ex
ex homie , ex friend
nahh f-ck the rest
decision of a rider
ride for the kid
ima ride for my music
cause i love this sh-t

hook 4x:
so w-ssup w-ssup w-ssup w-ssup
with you