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theophilus london – sand-castle (black x blue) lyrics


“sand-castle (black x blue)”
(feat. solange knowles)

please baby

[verse 1:]
the traffic lights are turning blue, because of you
plus gotta add that the streets are empty
the nights are dark and the mote is through
d-mn, sh-t, hit, gets sitty witty bitty
like ritz bits
momma told me if the shoe fits wear it
listen mothafuca i swear it’s
movin along in the winter, i am the sensor
this ain’t on my agenda
you can be my sinning, sinning cinderella
ella ella ay, ella umbrella ella h-lla whack
this will hop into h-ll and back
i know james brown in his grave right now funkin
so i’m gone bring him back, get up, get on up
what you sittin down for get on up
you try to smush me down but i’m still on up
and let’s freak it down girl get on up
listen to the way i melt this sh-t
listen baby stop with the selfish sh-t
i know we growin plus you the only one right now
so t-tell em what you know

baby i know, you do that to all the girls
but baby i’m fragile (vocals)
bab-babababababe don’t blow me away
the sky is black
you told me it was blue
please don’t lie to me
say, don’t blow me away
ba-baby don’t blow me (hey)

[verse 2:]
bam jam! here comes the man, theophilus don’t pr-nounce it wrong
let it vibrate like a stick to a gun
don’t get mad i ain’t doin no wrong
don’t worry bout who i’m singin in song
(theoly you’r the monster)
straight to the tele, no on cord
this is real sh-t can’t be sampled


solange what up baby!
are you ready to jam
are you ready to jam
1… 2… 3, let’s jam uh