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this awkward silence – sarcastically in love lyrics


now, i’ve been given sometime to think this through
we are in over our head
no disrespect to you
i now have my regrets
i’m leaving you, for good
now the only thing left to say is:

forgive me
cause i’m leaving
my words are true
and now i’ll give all my thank you’s
i couldn’t have done this without you
you’ll never see my face again

and this is it:
i never really wanted anything to do with you.
i swear i swear you’ll learn
you’re wasting all, the best of me
you kept me away, from everything
the one person to blame is only:
you yeah!

you don’t have to lie, if you want to be free
i’m out of your hair
you can leave me now
i know the reasons for you sudden change of heart!

forgive me
cause i’m leaving
my words are true
stop screaming
and just face it
our time is through