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thrown into exile – edge of the unknown lyrics


behind a mask of normalcy
i live another lie
ripped at the seams
entirety out of my f+cking mind
the archetype of villainy the utmost vile
if terror reigns then
i’m your god tonight

load the ammo
pull the trigger
plead for your miserable life
do your worst
horrid sinner
the only vengeance is mine

i am only part of the bigger picture
speaking to the heart of the congregation
standing on the brink of annihilation
waiting at the edge of the unknown

blood of my enemies
will spill forevermore (evermore)
murderous symphony
of all that i abhor

all the atrocities i’ve known
imbedded in my mind
the haunting memories of everything i’ve left behind
taking control wreaking their havoc
in the depths of my decrepit flesh
i know they’re never going to die
let the cruelty live thru me
i have become
the dreadful one
bound to my insatiable desire
all will perish in the wake of violence
what have i done?
certainly the end has only just begun