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tidus duffer – the sky (going to the sky) lyrics


dreams of going
dreams of going to the sky
dreams of being
dreams of being trapped in the sky
a nightmare on elm street
the wrong plane
the wrong plane taking them all away
mind manipulation by them
it’s not real
i still have (i know now it was their fault)
it’s not real
i still have bad dreams (they’ll will suffer the consequences)
it’s not real
now i have (don’t f### with me)
it’s not real
now i have (your time is up)

and nicotine

stars in the sky
peach scenes come to life

tricked by bad dreams
tricked by nightmares

he made fun of me with his friends
laughing at for being different
i saved myself
i saved myself
i saved myself

all summer long
i laid in bed
turned into
fall and winter dreams bed
sick twisting
and turning

no more travels
no going anywhere
i have to envision what i went through
i remember
i remember all those days
all alone tricked against my will

then fall came
everything got worse again
i was trapped
trapped inside my head
trapped in my bed
the darkness swallowed me whole deep

over the course of the months
i finally let go
surrendered to the strong hold
that dominated my entire life
i finally let go of it
and wrote something new

i think it all
it all stemmed from those days
when i was stuck
inside my work brain
too much work
causing panic attacks
feeling like i was going to die
multiple times

no longer
can i do anything
i am stuck with my baby
i am stuck as a baby
within dreams and parallel realities

living a life
being all alone
is not for
the strong hearted
i cut part of me for a reason
became stronger using logic and reason

no longer
am i spiritualist
you can read
tarot with your logic brain

over years
multiple years
i will get over
over the hurdles
i don’t believe in tests
i don’t believe in god
i don’t believe in jesus

strong intellectual
i come with a strong force now
it’s only an act
because i’ve lost it now

keep making
making fun of me
i’m ignoring
this is not reality
my world has become logic and reason

work is not
good for your brain
hold onto
the past and movies
i’ll no longer be able to be who i was
ever again which is what i want to go back to

no car drives
no real world
i’ve been confined
to myself
n0body understands anything
i am able to say i’m somewhat okay

flowers in the attic

serial experiments lain

roi#ing happily
roi#ing happily

hindi hindi hindi
hindi hindi hindi

czech czech republic
czech czech republic

human human atheist
human human atheist

romeo romeo juliet
romeo romeo juliet

pyramid pyramid triangle
pyramid pyramid triangle

sixes sixes and sevens
sixes sixes and sevens