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tillr – killshot freestyle lyrics


i’m moving mountains and there’s nothing you can do about it
i’m too astounding when i hop into the booth and pound it
coming for your neck so i can put a f-cking noose around it
i am not trying to live off of an acute allowance
i’ll shoot my shot at the target and hit the bullseye
and if needed i can show you all my cruel side
i will never lose sight of the main vision
gimme sh-t to write on and a pen so i can slay with it
i end lives, you guess i’m wild you guessed right, i won’t ever do the same sh-t as the next guy, cause i’m unorthodox staying in my room the door is locked, pouring thoughts on the page and you wonder why i record a lot
all i got is a drive and a dream, supplying the heat until i’m in the eye of the scene
i’ve been grinding for weeks because i’m striving to be, a rhyming machine, and the reason for your giant defeats, don’t try sh-t with me, you thinking i’m scared of you that’s a lie, until i’m the f-cking greatest i’ll never be satisfied, being honest i’d rather die than not having the crown up on me, increase the amount of bodies and practice to p-ss the time
got a h-ll of an appet-te for the impotent rapper guys, i am shooting for the stars and i’m skimming the satellites, my head is so deranged i think i belong at the psych ward, i found a dream and it’s something i would die for, got a 2×4 for the people b-tching
and the feeble critics get a hurricane of lethal writtens, bloodthirsty with the flow, i cannot be peaceful with it, i don’t have any shame i’m doing me and being different, the chainsaw is revved up for my enemies, there’s an animal inside you better let it sleep, negatives are dead to me, i got em running dreadfully, only doing what’s best for me, digging graves and shredding beats
i cannot take a breather, there is work to do
why am i being real, that shouldn’t be concerning you
just go and sit down, i am the sh-t now, can’t be a b-tch now, thought i’d be nothing but now in the game i’m inbound, making a lit sound, while all the kids doubt, i’ma just let em hate cause i’ma levitate and never make my way down, tryna separate me from the music you’ll get laid out
if i fall i’ma regenerate one day i’ll gaze down, from my pedestal, if i set a goal then i’ma make sure it’s accomplished, sending rappers toppling when i’m prompted by my conscience, paying homage to the idols, and i’m sending haters walking, i’m the only one inside the c-ckpit
a lot of pains coming to all of you fake puppets
i make ruckus and laugh loudly while they plummet
b-tch i stay running sh-t, i got everybody under this, hours have gone by and look at that i made another hit
lemme turn it up a bit, i just made a covenant, that i am gonna win despite the times of pain and suffering, lyrical lars sullivan, giving y’all harsh punishments, no matter what you use against me you aren’t gonna win, unleashing the wrath and you don’t wanna feel the brunt of it, i got one shot and i cannot get me a mulligan, my hands are covered in the blood of my opponents, so it’s best to not f-ck with me, take it as a pro tip