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timeflies – everything i do lyrics


“everything i do”

[verse 1]
started like anything, yeah you know the deal
calls and the texting, that sh-t was overkill
but i guess that she was chill and i was a bit quick to judge
and god d-mn if i knew it but that chick could hold a grudge
but she was super fine, you know what i get into
sorry for throwin’ up the deuces but i’m 22
she said i need to slow, even said i gotta change speeds
i told her live fast die young james dean
i think you know that time flies and as these hours p-ss
we sittin’ here wastin’ time losin’ sand out a this hour gl-ss
and she watch it grain by grain, i think this b-tch insane
she sit there switchin’ lanes while i’m layin’ down tracks and runnin’ train
parked on the beat so i should prolly feed the meeter
i ain’t movin’ from this spot won’t leave the table on a heater
call you skeeter cause you blue it and girl i know you knew it
you lovin’ everything i do so baby come and watch me do it

‘cause everything i do you love it
anytime we together we run it
‘cause baby we’ll go anywhere that we want tonight
anything you want i’ll get it
‘cause baby i’m yours don’t forget it
‘cause girl you know its gonna be a ride so hang on tight

[verse 2]
yeah we takin’ off fast like its ramadan
rez and i are speedin’ up lets em take em to the autobahn
dudes that you can’t do with out, they gon’ wish they knew about
what we were doin’, lookin’ around for a new deal like a roosevelt
so let me teach it ’cause i know you need this lesson
sh-t is uplifting when i speak and i’m out here endin’ your depression
see my styles like rotisserie i set it and forget it
got a diesel flow though while the rest just go unleaded
can’t handle my attention, now everything i say you fight back
and you’re dealin with an empire, so its only a matter a time til i strike back
sh-t, strike that from the record or just king me i’m on these checkers
it’s across the board, i’m toolin’ on b-tches like i’m runnin’ black and decker
baby you’re playin’ yourself, yeah you think your foolin’ me
i’ve settled more domestic disputes than jewelry
and we had the open thing goin till i went and changed the locks
and now we’re kinda like my scotch, on the rocks


[verse 3]
when you look at me i know just what you want
but i think you realize that what we had is gone
‘cause i ain’t given in even though you want that
it’s time for me to live again so baby i’m beyond that
jealousy you get when i am not around
always arguing even though you kept saying you were down
but you never were, it seems you’ve worn every mask and every disguise
and now we’re on the path for a lot less love, yeah and even more lies

so in my shoes that i walk in
see i choose for less talkin’
so you lose when i’m rockin’
now excuse me as lock in
and i take aim as i crush this
this is my department of justice
now trust this, oh the trust is gone?
well f-ck this

‘cause i never take my word back
trainin’ for the chase i been runnin’ down the third track
heard that everything is pure fact electricity in every rap
and you’re never gonna cure that
sure, a little bit stranger than fiction
and it seems you have got the affliction
i am on mission, now i have risen, voice like nicotine, addiction