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timm elliott (redfacee) – it was a warm day lyrics


wally down like switch the trench coat
my b-tch speaks in vogue
over invoice
the meat was choice
the air was moist
gave a hoist just to see the beach
from the four points
then felt the gun by the loin
just being poise
push the porsche pole position
the potpourri was her decision
i’m signing autographs as if i’m vision
it’s more to listen
optimistic, she applying lipstick in the c-ckpit
she said the views astonished
foam-posits snow beach while we wave watching
the benz hits a octave its october she talk to max and
she was a chauffeur (awe red)
so i bought her a rover like leather sofa
now she screaming lola
and that i’m her casanova to her nova
metallic loafers she hit the yola yacht side
and found euphoria like northern lights
a dazed time talking alibis still smell her scent
in venice alley ways ice capades chanel head pieces padme
amazed how this maze corners love in long race
the end result i bought a down jacket on a warm day