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timothy welbeck – love or something like it (reprise) lyrics


verse 1
as i searched all of my life to find/the woman crafted with me in mind/to journey this life forever with our hands cupped together/with my hand in hers, and her hand in mine/i believed her and i, we would find—love/

so we parted ways, and went off in the distances/believing you and i were not a terrific fit/not knowing the future would hold a splendid gift/though far and apart our hearts garbed and knitted in/a love that only god’s pen could spin/soon we would meet again and began to see it then/this is where happily ever after for me begins/with a revelation that came when my searching ceased again/it grabbed me matter of factly/while i was searching for love, god was after me/and once i stopped giving him half of me/he could then give me what he had for me/and reconnected me with the only lady i should have been pursuing/and when we met again i but knew what was brewing/i saw what god was doing/it was what he intended, what he had already done/two hearts won beating as one pleasing the one/that is what we have become/rashida, you mate my soul, you make me whole/you are the woman i prayed to know/i love you p-ssionately, sacrificially/with all i have within me/and i want to do more than surp-ss all of your past memories/i shower you with the love god has given me/and let our children witness me love you endlessly/as i join in your joy, share your sorrows/cradle your concerns, and together build up our home/your price is far above rubies/everyday i witness it truly/and i am ever grateful that our two paths did meet/i do not know how many days i will be blessed to have with you/but i will spend each moment of each one with the utmost grat-tude/to have journeyed this life with your hand cupped in mine as we were p-ssing through

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