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to live and shave in l.a. – is this good for vulva? lyrics


is this good for v+lv+’s lie?
clipped speech, well+tailored “rouge”
the s+x they were assigned at birth:
“my glove size is a popular skull…”
need to go back to rubber hips
v+lv+ deviates from boorish script
watch her muscles pumps as she whips or f+cks
never let plastic touch my “fluff”!
the world is flat and the sun moves around
v+lv+ dressed down in feminine ground
runs to the shade of fleece+fisting sling
and the jubilee stomp of jehovah cults
her hips slap into the greatest pimp
that pass+the+bucker cannot buck
is this good for the v+lv+ pro?
rubber shorts, pantiеs, hostile impulse
and i love bеing f+cked on a juicy back!
wouldn’t pull the people’s knives out…

is this good for v+lv+’s gut?
clipped speech, well+tailored peg
if i leave here i leave my hundred knots+
f+cking trews worn round the f+cking clock…