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tobe nwigwe – bountiful lyrics


yea, yea, yea
i’ma just rap

[verse 1]
aight, truth be told i was only lame until round about, mmm, 4th grade
then i dropped a bully and they began to treat me like i was king arthur with the sword raised
aye look, blessings came when the storm raged
my message lowkey be ordained
i spit it for slaves who adore chains
but find it hard to recognize the door frame to
every exit, to the mindset subdued by impoverished customs
i -ssumed by now they’d be reluctant to show and prove
they moves be counterproductive, ouu
to the life they discussed with me before my sight reconstructed
before i saw ’em, hand my bro farouk 25 to life like
it was nothin’
ouu, live by the g code since i was wee old, i stay true to principles
plus i grew up with gangstas that had mo lean on ’em
than mike jack in smooth criminal, ouu
i seen murder, i seen a pimp take a lost thot and convert her
i seen the servers, i don’t want problems, but if it’s beef i’m a burger
i’m an observer, i use discernment, but i still keep me a burner
’cause lucy determined he want me burnin’
but i be at peace in the furnace, ouu
yuh, every flow be a sermon, i got raps like a turban
me take a loss with the bars is something y’all will not see like germans
i be in the hood like churches
mama got us out the hood with nursin’
never spit a bar that’s uncertain
’cause i talk to god, he make every word connect
feel like i’m speaking in cursive
i tend my garden for the serpents
me and fat be cleaner than detergent
started posting pictures of my fatty
my dm had all these harlots emerging
and i see you boys liking fat pics on ig
just know she look better in person, ouu
yea, and she mine, mine, mine tho
and she fine times 9,999,999 bro
yuh, really don’t matter the number, just know it’s uncountable
unpr-nounceable, my flow is bountiful, lowkey insurmountable

ouu, yuh, yea
my flow is bountiful, lowkey insurmountable, ouu