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tom flannery – four more years lyrics


on the outskirts of fallujais where we got the news
we knew we’d be going in
was like somebody lit the fuse
i thought about my girl
and my mother and my dad
then closed my eyes and tried to sleep
it was the only thing i had
we’re supposed to secure a foothold
but it’s hurry up and wait
they’d be shouting out in arabic
‘god is great…god is great’
used to be the enemy
they’re called ‘insurgents’ now
sent me here to win the peace
but forgot to tell me how
4 more years
4 more years
plenty of room left for you christian volunteers
4 more years of hiding
4 more years of giving chase
watching haliburton walk around
like they own the place

they say the war back home is over
fairly fought and fairly won
but while you’re fighting with your crosses
we’re fighting with our guns
you can save your stem cells
and put darwin in his place
but when they drape me in the flag
at least look me in the face
we were on the outskirts of falluja
when the word came down
president bush re-elected
landslide in my hometown
say they voted for their morals
there’s no morality here
it’s war and war is killing
and you’ve re-elected profiteers
4 more years
4 more years
count the dead and raise a cheer
4 more years
4 more years of heartache
4 more years of lies
with fox guarding the henhouse
no american ever dies