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tony yayo – do it right lyrics


(feat. max b, french montana)

[intro: french montana (max b)]
hold on to ya looove. (yeah!)

[chorus: french montana (max b)]
if you wanna do it, (g’eah!) take your time {let’s go! }
do it riiight! [kids ovation]
you can do it baby.
get yo’ money riiiiight! (g’eah!) {tony yayo! }

[max b:]
after two fifths of cru [gunshot] – i had the plan made (made!)
n-gg- got his food ate, patched it up with’ a band-aid.
max mayonaisse, macaroni cheese, and mustard (mustard!)
your b-tches look busted! – sh-t got me! [shot]
disgusted! – cl-sters droop off the left wrist
i think i got a death wish.
sittin’ back, suicidal thoughts of doin’ it,
hittin’ the switch. – all my n-gg-z could move a brick. [police sirens]
i can move the sh-t on a slow day, no play, okay? (okaaay!) [police sirens]
i be speakin’ to my b-tch oshay.
and as we roll on. – “hold on to ya loooove.”
mami fiendin’, she want more drugs. (more!) [scream]
shaking and she goin’ through withdrawls
big pitfalls. – i’m ’bout to be the sh-t dog.
can a n-gg- stop what i’m bringin’ – singin’
soundin’ all good, i’m going all around the hood. – it’s max b! [gunshot]

[chorus: french montana]
if you wanna do it, take your time
do it riiight!
you can do it baby. [joker laughs]
get yo’ money riiiiight!

[french montana:]
get high till we can’t see
your rap career over! – look for plan b! (what?)
these rap n-gg-z – softer than cotton candy
i ain’t a boss! – all my n-gg-z family! [gunshot]
every n-gg- near me (uh-huh) – got a gun just as big as camby
that’s marcus, and open coffins.
bootleg cable – and b-tch
you get what you bring to the table (uh-huh!) – i got shrimp
and spaghetti! – and prego sauce! yeah, my boy polished,
homie ding those off – and i hear him knockin’. (whattup?)
it’s the wavie crockett – with more hoes
from river road and more o’s, and plenty rolled. [gunshot]
from food stamps to big checks (uh-huh!)
and i’ll smack a b-tch with’ a 100 stacks off a reflex. [scream]
that’s a jackpot! – 650 with the ragtop
and pillsbury for a mascot.

[chorus: french montana (tony yayo)]
if you wanna do it, take your time [cl-ssic evil laughter]
do it riiight! [cl-ssic evil laughter] (y’all n-gg-s know what time it is, n-gg-!)
you can do it baby. (call me: “eury”!)
get yo’ money riiiiight! (cause i’m spendin’ euros, ya heard?) [gunshot]

[tony yayo:]
s.o.d.! – swammies on deck, homie.
my killers o.d. and die for respect homie. (blaow!) [gunshot]
the barrel of my gun – start to pre-c-m [shot]
fiendin’ to buss, i’m low when the d’s come. [gunshot]
g-unit is a money-makin’ fountain
25 on the wrist, my chick in christian laboutan’s.
kick a n-gg- in the head, football punt a n-gg-,
then stab a n-gg- quick like a london, n-gg-!
your career is a blender n-gg-. – mine is promised!
i wear a 9 in the snakeskin pradas.
with’ a 9 in a chick that’s chasin’ dollars
like i’m chasin’ dollars;
by any means necessary,
yeah, a n-gg- necklace heavy.
let the caviar dreams star out
i’m in the hood with the porsche out!
to the g5 turbulation,
the fly dude by it – where they camel-racin’. {whoooooooooooooooooo kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! }

[chorus: french montana (tony yayo)]
if you wanna do it, (that’s money! that’s money right there!)
do it riiight! (that sh-t is better in vegas, and out there in dubai.)
you can do it baby. (youkno’imean?)
get yo’ money riiiiight! (and makes vegas?)

[outro: tony yayo]
you know?
but you can’t gamblin’ on!
you gon’ only better cameras and sh-t!
big money!
that’s big boss sh-t, ya heard? [gunshot] [kids ovation]