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too much (japan) - love that binds me lyrics


working from early in the morning
till late at night every day
i’ve been trying to make your life
make your life just a little bit better, oh tell
but you know, little girl, yes
sure, it makes my life really a drag

everybody’s talking about you, babe
they say you never made me no good
they say you’re the kind of girl, kind of girl
who puts me down into misery in all the ways
love that binds me deep down inside of me
oh i just can’t take it anymore
no no, baby, oh no, baby

oh yes i’m working, working every day
from еarly in the morning, babe
till late at night еvery day
it’s such a drag, baby
no matter how hard i try
you just don’t seem to understand, understand
it is such a drag for me to carry on like this
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
girl, i’m gonna tell you one last thing, yeah
whoa, babe, oh babe, oh babe, baby
you’d better stop fooling around with me now

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