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tootie ro – who cares lyrics


[intro: tootie ro]
young ro

and some hate me
and some love me
but f-ck it, who cares?
who cares?

and i’ll shoot ’em all if i have to
like f-ck it who cares?
who cares?
and i’ll k!ll ’em all if i have to (ro)
like f-ck it, who cares?
who cares?

[verse 1: tootie ro]
i’m tired of these n-ggas keep hating on me
i’m just another youngin’ trying to make it off the street
told [?] roll another blunt
i smoke a lot of weed
but the way i feel right now i just might pop a lot of e’s
i’m from baltimore (baltimore)
you can catch my younging’s posted at the corner store
they selling raw
or whatever they can get off
down for the cause
cut the middleman, rob the boss
tense off the ha


ty go around my way
drive by’s, walk-ups, hot boss, n-gga broad day
and i say that sh-t a lot (a lot)
but, all these rappers lying, i was out on the block
making knots, (ro)
robbing season had mine in the sock
dodging cops
throw whatever to make to the top
i keep my glock
they be tripping for the fame
and i keep the burner on me
and i been knew to how to aim

[chorus x2]

[verse 2: a$ap ant]
love the people who love me
hate the people who hate me
keep the gun on safety
balling out in macy’s
my game is like tracy in ’03
i dare a f-ck n-gga try to murder me
i turn the burglary into a first degree
now his body on the mother f-cking concrete
i’m the realist n-gga stepping in these nike sneaks
look at my outfit–
just peaked

[chorus x2]