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torgny – jpeg lyrics


may, june, july
and i think of the walkman, the discman, the minidisc
laserdisc, vhs, mysp-ce
mixing consoles with dead channels
cave of forgotten dreams
cocaine submarines and drugged up limousines
“the extent of your dreams are based on the cost of your rent”
my apartment — where you came like a fire hose being used for the first time in years — will eventually be reduced to jpegs of strangers in a strange land

she said “death is the only arrival”
she admired the philosopher, but felt his male gaze
she had an affair with a h-lls angels president
she was an atheist, but got a christian funeral
thank you mom and dad
scenes from the different lives she could’ve led racing through my head june 12th, 2014
her pixelated smile is a torch
her eyes like two abortions
sushi rice on her sock
ikea silence and panties on the floor
tricks in a sunset
joints in a mindset
october’s breath
back it up in a cloud